iBookstore here I am!


Stolen Time is now available from iBooks, my personal favourite place to by eBooks.

Just follow THIS finely crafted link and sample or buy (I much prefer buy) the space opera-y goodness that is Stolen Time.

If you don’t have an iOS device, might I strongly recommend the purchase of a lovely iPad of any generation (I’m often using Shannon’s 1st gen for lots of things, and it’s great.  I can only imagine how much better an iPad 2 or later might be).


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IBookstore here I come!

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I’ve uploaded Stolen Time to Apple today. Look for it soon in 50 different countries!

Yay! I shall engage in happiness now.


P.S.  ISBN is NOT needed to publish to Apple’s iBookstore.  To do it 100% on your own requires a Mac to run the appropriate software, but there loads of aggregators and probably a few third party Windows/Linux apps for doing it.  Though I’m not going to be sympathetic about it, I despise Windows and find Linux, these days, quite obnoxious.

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Half off coupon!

Added Smashwords to the list of places you can buy Stolen Time.
And, for the bloody hell of it, you can get 50% off the title there (only there. Try to use this coupon at the Nook store or Kobo and I will laugh at you).

The coupon is, as you can see, good for a week. Share it! If you have Stolen Time already and know someone who’d like it tell THEM the code!

Promotional price: $1.50
Coupon Code: QQ66W
Expires: February 10, 2013


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Smashwords edition

Screen Shot 2012-07-12 at 09.03.58Smashwords has really shaped up in a hell of a hurry.

The dashboard seems completely redesigned from the last time I plodded around in it only a couple months ago and it now accepts ePUB files directly.

As a result, Stolen Time can now be found there as well as all the other places it previously could.

Does this mean iBooks and other things Smashwords automatically adss you to will ALSO be?  No.  Mostly because they’re premium service is still a pain.  I’d far rather do that bit myself.

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Sample chapters up

Screen Shot 2012-07-12 at 09.03.58Now, if you’ll look upward a bit you’ll see there’s a Sample Chapters link now in the menu bar.

Three guesses what it’s for.

Here’s the deal, though:  I decided NOT to put up a nifty, handy-dandy navigable HTML version like there used to be, because it was a bloody pain.

If there is ever any actual demand for an HTML version I will consider creating some sort of version with something like InDesign which would be linked, opened as its own page and navigated internally instead of as any direct part of the blog content.

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And it’s all there

Well, it’s finally happened.

Stolen Time is now available for the Kindle, the Nook, and the Kobo.

I want very much to be in the iBookstore, but that’s still going to be a little while.  Sorry.

Still, I’ve got the three biggest eBook sellers.

I won’t be worrying about the little ones.  If/when I come across any that are easy to include myself on I will add the book there.  So, for example, there will be no Smaswords Edition anytime in the foreseeable future.

Feel free to contact us with suggestions of an eBook seller you’d like to see this on.  For point of note we do not bother with DRM.  You could just buy the Nook or Kobo edition and use that ePub file in your Liberati or Generic eBook Reader #345.  If you want a PDF edition … yeah, that’ll be more like after Smashwords gets easier to use (I do not like their meatgrinder, and arguments that it’s “not really that bad if you …” will be directed to the ‘I don’t give a shit dept’, which is a hyperactive blackmouth cur with ADD).

Have fun, enjoy the book.  Consider getting the print edition from CreateSpace or Amazon, it really did come out beautifully.

And if you want to review it, please do.  GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.  It helps.

I’ve got a review blog, Indie Fic Reviews if you want to review it there too.  I haven’t, for perfectly obvious reasons, but I have no qualms hosting a review by someone else there.


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Where’s the Sample Chapters!?

Maybe you’re wondering about the old Stolen Time sample chapters mentioned in an earlier post?

Where are they?  If you’re not exclusive to Amazon anymore why aren’t they back?!

A couple of reasons:

  1. I forgot
  2. There were some important edits done between when I posted them originally and the final published edition (look – don’t ask.  Suffice to say I thought those chapters were completely done being edited, okay?!) and I’ve not had the time and chance to go back and fix them.
  3. YES I know I could have been doing that at any point in the last 90 days while they were down.  Would you believe it simply hadn’t occurred to me but twice in those 90 days and I was always busy at that point?

So.  I’m SORRY okay?  They’ll be back.  I promise.  When?  I’m not sure.  I’m seriously considering an alternative way of doing them.

Look, in the mean time.  Click the picture up there and it’ll give you a readable sample, okay?

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